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AK dan TGP (PT. Central Proteina Prima)

PT Central Proteina Prima Tbk (CP Prima) is a leading aquaculture company inIndonesia which was incorporated in April 1980. CP Prima produces and sells feed,fry, pet food,probiotics, and shrimp products and processed food productsfor domestic and export markets.

Not only in Indonesia, we have also expanded our wings in supplying innovative feeds to India market,and shrimp products to international markets like Vietnam, China, Japan, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Netherland, Germany and New Zealand, tuning each needs based on each country’s regulations and standards respectively. Our shrimps feed has recently landed in India in 2014, gaining pleasant responses from the market within a short period of time.

Saat ini PT Central Proteina Prima Tbk membutuhkan lulusan dari Politeknik Negeri Jakarta seperti pada lampiran ini ….

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